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Mastering the Art of Dealing with Conflicts: How to deal with conflict that drains you down

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Conflicts and drama in life can get too heavy sometimes. But how to deal with conflict? Managing conflicts can become hard at times as they are emotionally very burdening. Sometimes they become inevitable, and seeking peace becomes more than a challenge to the person surrounded by rows.

But why managing conflict is important? It is mainly because your mind cannot stay occupied in this spiral of negative thoughts about drama and disputes. It needs some time to chill, relax, and have peace. You also have other things to think about. These conflicts shouldn’t be on your mind, or else they would disrupt your routine and life overall.

In this article, we’ll explore how to deal with conflicts and the drama around them so you maintain your peace and ecstasy in life.

1. Know what conflicts are worth giving attention to.

Every conflict, dispute, or argument that occurs in your life isn’t worth your attention. You should be able to differentiate between what conflicts you need to take seriously and stress on them and what to ignore. Something that can impact your life seriously should be given more consideration, time, and thought. Other types of rows that aren’t impactful shouldn’t be stressed or thought about. Assess the situation where managing conflict makes sense. Some small disagreements should be ignored and forgotten to have a positive environment around you.

2. Manage your emotions.

Managing your emotions while resolving conflict is crucial. You should not make your arguments sound emotional because it can backfire. Since people get emotional about what they believe is right instead of what actually is right. This would weaken your arguments in conflict resolution if you want to turn the tables in your favor. 

Emotions go high during conflicts. It’s always better not to engage in conflicts when you’re emotional since it may take a toll on you. Try stepping back, taking a break, and controlling your emotions. Allow yourself to control your mind instead of your mind controlling you.

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3. Be logical in your arguments, or don’t engage.

Logic is the only thing that would help you “win” conflicts if you aim to do so. Many get disturbed by the fact that they aren’t able to win those skirmishes they engage in. The problem they don’t realize is the fact that they don’t argue logically. If you argue logically and stand by the right side, sooner or later, you are going to win and get better at conflict resolution.

If you don’t stand by logic in your argument, or if your views seem to be bland or baseless, don’t engage in a debate. You’re just going to satisfy your ego by arguing and would not gain anything out of the situation if you aim to. Sometimes it’s better to lose a battle, rather than get humiliated at the whole war.

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4. Patience

Having patience is one of the key skills to resolve conflict or deal with it. Everything gets better with time if you have the patience to wait. Patience would solve everything on its own. Either your opponent would make their case worse by messing up their story, or you’d get enough time to think more clearly about the situation. Not showing desperation would help you get better at dealing with conflicts or disputes. 

Rushing toward a solution may leave some problems to be addressed. Dealing with conflict with patience may not reward you immediately, but it always makes things better for you and removes that “worry” or “anxiety.” Keeping calm and waiting for the situation to improve for you would help you master how to deal with conflicts.

5. Learn to compromise.

If you’re engaged in conflict, and it is turning out to be a standoff, accept to compromise and end the war. Offering a compromising offer firstly gives you an empathy boost and also makes the other person in the conflict compromise on their terms as well. Sometimes it’s better not to have a one-sided victory over a situation when both parties can enjoy victory through equally compromising something.

To conclude, conflicts can occupy you too much and may disrupt your life in the worst possible ways. It’s better to have a notion about these techniques that would help you in managing your emotions better. It’s not about avoiding conflicts but mastering the art of dealing with them that truly matters to you.

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