Who am I?

How should I describe myself? An avid reader? A Writer? A student? A learner? Well, I’m all of it! I’m Muhammad Taha, a university student from Lahore, Pakistan, who has a knack for self-improvement and wants people around him to embark on such a journey too. 


I have seen my life change for good since I decided to become a better version of myself by admitting my flaws and shortcomings. Reading Self-help has been my passion, and spreading the word can be said as my profession! As a health nut, I acknowledge the importance of both physical and mental health to function in our lives and remain sane.


I’m not a “Guru” or someone who knows everything. I’m a random guy on the internet, trying to positively impact the lives of whoever comes across my work. I believe personal growth is subjective, and I hope my work can make some difference to make you feel better, work better and live better.

Muhammad Taha's Picture