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How Failures Of Life Makes You Strong?

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Life does not stay constant. We face ups and downs, highs and lows, ecstasy and blues. While we always commemorate triumphs and shun our failures, it is the failures of life that shape us. While failures tend to disappoint and demotivate us, they are an infallible source for personal growth and contribute towards long-term success.

Life failures, as I see them, are as pivotal as success in life because they hold the potential to shape us in the best of forms. A person who’s been denied and defied can become an unbeatable force, with a “nothing to lose” mindset and clarity over where they need to improve.

I’m not encouraging failing. The thing I’m emphasizing is the fact that when we encounter failures in our lives, it teaches us way more than success does. Whenever you’re faced with challenges and defeat, remember that it’s an opportunity for you to learn and try better. If you fail, it’s okay. It’s normal, and it happens to the best among us.

In this piece of writing, let us explore how failures can shape us into the best forms of our lives and from what aspects we can consider them a blessing for us rather than a curse.

Makes you accept your vulnerability

As humans, we all have shortcomings. We all lack something and are not bound to know everything. We can make mistakes and are not “perfect” by any means. When we witness failures in life, it’s not that we can never make things better. Instead, failures are a way to know that we are not exceptional at everything. We lack in this particular domain where we’re failing. These failures of life make us humble. It gives us a chance to realize our vulnerabilities and shortcomings. We get to know about things we need to improve on when we fail.

There’s no shame in failing. And none such embarrassment should either be associated with you. Rather, always view them as a chance for growth, character development, and long-term success.

Provides opportunities for growth

Since failures highlight the areas and domains we lack, they provide us with an impeccable chance of acknowledging the facts and moving ahead with the possibility of working on them. For example, if you fail at a 100-meter sprint, this indicates the areas you might be lacking. They could be your stamina, pace, physique, etc. After you’ve realized the reason for your failure, it gives you a golden opportunity to improve on that and master that part of it. This is when we realize that we need to work on certain components in order to succeed at those things.

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Makes you resilient

Failures in life can be drastic. But when you face them, they make you stronger. When you encounter defeat, this fires you up and makes you more willing to reach for success. Once you’ve seen the worst, you know there’s nothing below it. And you have nothing to lose. This is where you capitalize on your chances of winning since those failures transform you into an unbinding and resilient force that is hard to overthrow.

Opportunity to explore yourself

Failures can occur when you try out something in your life that you may have never done before. And that’s completely normal. Failing at new things provides us with the possibility of knowing ourselves better. It highlights things we’re not good at. This can be a sign that a particular thing may not be meant for us. It is much better than not doing anything or not knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, once you’ve failed at things, you’ll eventually stumble upon something you find interesting, and you are or can be exceptionally good at. Remember, “Trying and failing is better than failing to try.

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It might be a real success for you.

Failures of life lead to success. We might have heard this phrase somewhere, sometime in our lives, and we may have neglected it. But this is true. Defeats and fiascos teach us priceless lessons that success may never have taught.

It gives us room for self-improvement and keeps the will alive in us to keep striving for excellence. Ignoring the norms of society and surroundings, we should have the courage to embrace failure and the values it brings along.

To conclude, failures of life can play an important part in a person’s life from their character development to their discipline and strengths. Failure is a pillar of success, and once its foundation is laid by highlighting your shortcomings. It highlights the areas we need to improve and reach our end goal. By reframing our perception of failure, we can harness its potential to uplift us and provide us with a fulfilling and resilient life. 

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