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A Core Strategy of Communication That Makes You Stand Out!

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In a world of clusters and chaos, the only thing that could set you apart from the crowd is clarity over your thoughts and effectively communicating what your ideas are. The qualities that set you apart are being authentic, resonating, and conveying your message on a personal level, which builds authority and your importance in people’s eyes.  What is this superior strategy of communication we’re talking about?

But what is the way of developing such authority? How do you get the spotlight that people listen to and believe you? The key communication strategy that stands out is being authentic at times of clustered misinformation.

In times when people spend more time scrolling on social media instead of their full-time duties, a more critical threat originates rumors, fakeness, and hoaxes. You may acquire timely fame by spreading fake information and getting viral through it, but you’d never be able to have an authority or power that impacts the masses. Your voice may never have that weight, no matter whatever “viral” communication strategy you’re using.

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On social media, when you know you can pretend to be “fake” and grab attention for the short term is a foolish way to get recognition. At such times of crises, be the “odd one out.” You should be able to have an ultimate, effective communication strategy, and that is being authentic, original, and real. 

You should not spread misinformation. This might be difficult and much more challenging, but it’s much more lasting and powerful. You may not get those eyeballs you’re looking for initially, but gradually, once you develop trust and accountability in front of people, you’ll be more valuable to them than others.

A long-term authority is way more valuable on the success parameter than getting viral for a few days and then vanishing away for the rest of your and people’s lives. In order for you to stay relevant and powerful, you need to be the source of accuracy. You should speak the truth. You should not spread fake news about anything or anyone for some “cheap fame.” Produce creative and authentic work. There’s no harm in getting short-term fame, but it’s just difficult to sustain, and it doesn’t give you credibility or authority.

For long-term success, credibility and accountability count. Authors like James Clear have built credibility over the years, through their work, by being authentic. He and other credible people like him have one common communication strategy, which is not spreading misinformation, being real, and refraining from controversies and hoaxes.

To conclude, you can’t ship fakeness and expect a long-term return in terms of success and credibility from it. Anyways, it’s unethical too. Try being original in your work, spread good and viable information, and let the world recognize you through ethical ways. Think long-term and be positive in your communication approaches. Be a trustworthy and competent person rather than someone hungry for fame. Be genuine, and success and fame come as by-products. It’s not an overnight success mantra like the other way. It’s a hard and complex route. But a better alternative to overnight success for sure.

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