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Gratitude versus Appreciation. What is more important?

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Gratitude versus Appreciation. Both come up during a conversation whenever we discuss positivity and well-being. But what’s the main difference? In a world of challenges and uncertainty, staying optimistic and having a positive mindset is the need of the hour. 

In this writing, we will see the difference between appreciation and gratitude and why we need to understand the difference.

What is Gratitude? An example and its main characteristics.

Gratitude is the feeling of thankfulness or having to say thanks whenever you feel fulfilled by the favors and blessings you receive. Gratitude occurs when we realize or witness the true benefit of those blessings. And, in reply, we tend to be thankful for them. Gratitude can be for God and the people around us. It mostly comes with external factors such as the opportunities we get, realizing the utility of help from others, and our wealth and earthly possessions.

Characteristics of Gratitude: 

  • It tends to occur when something beneficial or positive happens to you. It’s either when you realize the benefit or when someone helps you in a particular situation. It is primarily reactive and comes from within due to these external factors. 
  • You feel indebted to express your gratefulness when someone assists you. This occurs when you realize that they have contributed something positive to your life. It can either be humans or God you might owe thanks to.

An Example of gratitude:

After a successful album release by an artist, they may go on and express gratitude towards their listeners and fans for following them. They may also realize how their critiques have helped them in pushing their boundaries and producing better work. They may also thank their team members, producers, and composers who have helped them in making that particular album a hit.

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What is Appreciation? An example and its main characteristics

Appreciation is about acknowledging the present moment and savoring the intrinsic value of things that come from within. It necessarily does not depend on the external factors. It is a feeling of joy, ecstasy, and fulfillment from oneself. Appreciation cultivates the ability to cherish the ordinary and see the world humbly, with an open heart.

Characteristics of Appreciation: 

  • It is regarded as proactive since it comes within ourselves upon realizing the value and worth of things and people around us. It necessarily does not require any event or thing to happen. You can choose to appreciate the beauty of life on a daily basis and find peace within it.
  • It encourages mindfulness. Since you appreciate and feel the present moment, this fosters a connection of mindfulness within you. Mindfulness gives you more clarity and allows you to live your life meaningfully and deeply.

An Example of Appreciation:

Imagine yourself enjoying the warmth of the sun in bleak midwinter. The rays that the sun is projecting, the savor it brings you, and how it comforts you to the core. Sitting there, finding all the peace in your life. You acknowledge the chirping of birds, the gentle rustling of leaves, and the cold breeze being denied by the warmness of the sunshine. Cherishing the moment and longing to experience it deeply. You appreciate how you possess all the peace you ever wanted and are lucky enough to have such a fulfilled afternoon. 

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